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You will discover a jewel of naval modeling that will allow you to enjoy some pleasant moments and recall the time when these imposing ships sailed the seas.

A type of artisanal fishing with a long tradition throughout the Mediterranean, but especially on the Catalan coast, is carried out in boats equipped with lights, called “bots de llum” (light boats).

These boats of about 5 meters in length were usually handled by two men and were dedicated to fishing horse mackerel, and mainly sardines, although any other fish or crustacean that was attracted by the light radiated by large gas-powered lanterns was not ruled out. .

A characteristic of its own were its two large stabilizers (squaws) to prevent the swaying of the waves, and the replacement of the rudder by two ropes to maneuver the rudder through the lantern support.

The reproduction of the model is faithful to the original. Our model kits provide you with all the necessary elements to make your ship model real, down to the most specific naval details you can imagine.

We hope you enjoy your hobby of ship modeling with this light boat, a splendid ship model that will give you long periods of creative leisure.

It is a good boat to introduce to naval modeling.


$79.99 USD

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