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Albatros Acrylic Paint Pack
$74.99 USD
Adler Acrylic Paint Pack
$84.99 USD
Putty, bitumen, primer and varnish pack
$39.99 USD
Complete paint pack with brushes
$139.99 USD
Basic paint pack with dyes and brushes
$79.99 USD
Complete pack of dyes with brushes
$29.99 USD
Putty 135ml
$12.99 USD
Acrylic Primer 30 ml
$7.99 USD
White glue 100 ml
$6.99 USD
Judea Bitumen Acrylic 30 ml
$7.99 USD
Satin varnish 100 ml
$9.99 USD

What kind of model paints do we have at OcCre?

At OcCre we have standard and metallic color paints. Water-based acrylic paints are ideal for model making and all types of hobbies.

What paint is best for models?

If the model does not have a paints pack you can see the necessary paints and dyes for your model in the color chart. You will find the paints for your model with the color and reference. Most of our kits have a paints pack.

How should I prepare my model before painting it?

Before using paints for wood and other materials, it is very important to clean and sand the surface to remove the dirt. To sand the wood, special sandpaper is recommended such as sanders pack. In addition to applying acrylic primer to facilitate the grip of the wooden and other materials. Finally, to apply the painting you will need the brushes.

Can I use the OcCre paints for miniatures or crafts?

OcCre's modeling paints can be used for all types of modeling, crafts, and hobbies. They can be applied with a brush or with an airbrush. They are quick-drying and have wide coverage. Work on all surfaces and their adhesion in different materials is excellent. Either wood, metal, plastic, plaster...