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At OcCre we have pre-cut and prepared strips for modeling, rods, and sheets in different sizes and thicknesses. The perfect wooden strips for ship models, train models, and tram models and other crafts and artisan work. Find the wooden strips, rods, and sheets you are looking for at OcCre.

What wood is the wooden strips for ship modeling?

OcCre strips, rods, and sheets are made of lime, sapelli, and african walnut. All the strips come from high-quality, sustainable certified wood.

How do I know which wooden strips I need for my model?

All OcCre wooden models include the materials necessary for the realization from start to finish. To identify the necessary wooden strips, all you have to do is look at the assembly instructions where the strips, rods and sheets necessary for each step are shown. For the ship models, model train, and model tram. Depending on the stage of construction, one or the other is needed.

What tools do I need to treat the wood of the models?

These are the tools that you should use to work the wood of the models; sanders / saw / pin pusher / putty / primer / judea bitumen / paints / dyes / varnish.