San Martín

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Immerse yourself in the world of ship modelling and enjoy a journey back to the age of these marvellous ships with our kit models.

The galleon named San Martin was built in Portugal and became Spanish property in 1580.

It was the flagship of the Spanish Armada. On 22nd March 1588, Alonso Pérez de Guzman, the duke of Medina-Sidonia, admiral of the Spanish armada, unfurled his ensign on the galleon's mainmast.

This was one of the few ships that managed to escape the storms and the English fleet's guns.

See how, step by step, you can replicate a model down to the finest detail and faithful to the original ship. We invite you to let yourself get carried away and set up spaces for creative leisure in which you can enjoy this marvellous model ship.

San Martín

$249.99 USD

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