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InstaFix© - Quick-drying glue (Cyanoacrylate)
Precision Set© - Precision Measuring and Cutting Kit
Pin pusher
Beeswax thread conditioner
Sandpaper Pack (P-80+P-150+P220) + Sanding Sponge
Saw 32mm with handle
Pack Ultra-Fine Grain Sanding Sponge
Pack of 3 Medium Grit Sandpaper P-220
Pack of 3 Medium Grit Sandpaper P-150
Pack of 3 Medium Grit Sandpaper P-80
Organizer Module For Strips
Drawers module
Organizer Module
Organizer Trays
Paints Storage Cabinet
Workshop Cabinet
Work Stand
Paints Exhibitor
Drill bit holder
Short sander
Rigid curved sander
Flexible sander
Sanders Pack
Basic tools
Tools Pack
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Micro Punch
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Precision cutting pliers
Round nose pliers
Universal pliers

What basic tools are needed to assemble a model?

No matter how handy you are, having proper tools can make all the difference. And since you're investing in a high-quality product, it's best not to spoil it by using any old instrument or not having the right model-making tools.

First off, there's a basic pack, a kit that includes: cutting pliers, a hand drill, a drill bit, a cutter, a short sander, a file, tweezers, and a hammer. These are the essential ingredients for assembling any type of model from the collection. They make life easier, are well chosen, and are of the highest quality. In this tutorial video, you can learn how to make good use of the naval model-making tool pack and the function of each one.

Expand your tool family

With just the basics, bringing galleons or English ships to life will be difficult. That's why we're expanding the catalog with an even more complete tool pack that includes the same basic case, as well as a micro punch and some brushes (one flat size 4, one round size 8, and another round size 12). The kit also includes a nailer, a tool designed to insert nails into materials such as wood or other substrates, providing an efficient way to join or fix pieces.

It's also worth having OcCre's InstaFix, a quick-drying Cyanoacrylate glue. It's a multipurpose adhesive that can handle anything: it sticks wood, metal, plastics, cardboard, and various fabrics. It's ideal for pieces or parts that, due to their shape or location, don't stay in place and require instant fixing to allow the assembly to progress.

As for supports, essential within the range of model-making tools, let's discuss the options. For example, the always necessary cutting mat, designed to provide a durable, stable, and cut-resistant surface, as well as increasing the possibility of precision. And the classic work stand to hold your ship model while you navigate through its assembly, adjustable to all types of hulls in length and width. It also serves as a convenient storage space for your model when not in use.

Following this line of organizing work, you'll find this module to comfortably organize your wooden strips, a perfect complement to keep them ready and well stored. It has 9 compartments of different sizes. This way, you'll avoid losing strips, having them mix up, or break due to not storing them properly. You can also find a wonderful portable organizing workshop furniture if you're someone who always wants to maintain order in your assemblies.

Finally, in any precision work and attention to detail, a precision set is very useful, consisting of a closed and open square; a long and short saw; an angle protractor; a blade for shaving strips; and a 10-centimeter ruler. Specifically, the saws will help you make precise cuts of small pieces, and the squares will allow you to check angles and ensure that the pieces are at 90 degrees.

The ideal accessories for your models

In addition to everything involving organizing, cutting, gluing, and refining, there are a series of accessories aimed at giving our model the necessary life. For example, with paint packs. You have at your disposal this basic dye pack with brushes. Or this one with putty, primer, and varnish. There are also packs of 21 water-based acrylic paints of 30 ml, standard and metallic paints, and their corresponding set of three brushes. And also their corresponding paint display furniture to be able to see them at all times without losing any. Or the fantastic set for illuminating the model, which includes 25 white LEDs, 25 resistors, 2.5 meters of red and black wire, heat-shrink tubing, battery holder with cover and switch, instructions, and a basic electrical circuit diagram.

With such a display, you should not hesitate to trust OcCre's tools and successfully start your naval model.