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HMS Beagle Acrylic Paint Pack
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Prinz Eugen Acrylic Paint Pack
Flying Dutchman Acrylic Paint Pack
San Francisco Acrylic Paint Pack
Jupiter Acrylic Paint Pack
Dye / Varnish Acrylic Pack 100 ml
Basic tools
Titanic Acrylic Paint Pack
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Ulises RC Acrylic Paint Pack
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HMS Terror Acrylic Paint Pack
Whaleship Essex Acrylic Paint Pack
Mississippi Acrylic Paint Pack
HMS Bounty Acrylic Paint Pack
Montañés Acrylic Paint Pack
Hercules Tugboat Acrylic Paint Pack
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San Juan Acrylic Paint Pack
La Candelaria Acrylic Paint Pack
Aurora Acrylic Paint Pack
HMS Revenge Acrylic Paint Pack
Lisboa Acrylic Paint Pack

What model making accessories do I need to build my models?

Whether you have more or less skill or experience in modeling, having good tools can make a difference when it comes to achieving your model. And since you're investing in a top-quality product, it's not worth ruining it by using any instrument or not having the right model making accessories to finish your ship or train with all the luxury of details.

Initially, there's a basic pack that will provide great assistance, a case that includes: cutting pliers, hand drill, drill bit, cutter, short sander, file, clamp, and hammer. In this tutorial video, you can learn how to make good use of the pack and the function of each tool. As you become more familiar, you can consider something bigger: a more complete tool pack.

And as for accessories, the list goes on. Take a look and, in this way, you can meticulously complete your model. You have everything from a LED light kit to rudder wheels, various types of threads, hinges, and small barrels. Finally, you have a wide variety of wooden strips of different woods for all kinds of models.

Additionally, it's interesting to also have OcCre's InstaFix, a quick-drying Cyanoacrylate glue. It's a multipurpose glue that sticks wood, metal, plastics, cardboard, and various fabrics. It's ideal for those pieces or parts that, due to their shape or location, don't stay in place and require instant fixing to allow assembly to progress.

The most important railway modeling accessories

To build beautiful railway models such as the Adler locomotive or the Stephenson Rocket, made of various types of sustainable noble woods, as well as brass, aluminum, or brass photoetched parts, you need tools like those mentioned above.

Not forgetting other railway modeling accessories such as this basic pack of dyes with brushes. Or this other one of putty, primer, and varnish. There's also the complete pack of 21 paints water-based acrylics of 30 ml, standard and metallic paints, and their corresponding set of three brushes. Check out the paints and dyes section because you're going to enjoy it.

Additionally, you can give it an extra touch with this range of bases so that your large and small locomotives look as they deserve after the great work done.

The main naval modeling accessories

Aside from essential tools like glue, sandpaper, cutting mat, cutting pliers, tweezers, wire cutters, or cutter, there are real wonders in terms of bases to be able to display your ship properly, one specifically for The Flying Dutchman with which it will look even better. Naval modeling involves precision and attention to detail. That's why a precision set seems very useful, consisting of a closed and open square; a long and short saw; an angle transporter; a blade for shaving strips; and a 10-centimeter ruler. Specifically, the saws will help you make precise cuts of small pieces, and the squares will allow you to check angles and ensure that the pieces are at 90º.

Thanks to naval modeling accessories, you'll be able to recreate ships with great detail.

Basic tram modeling accessories

To build models of the colorful trams of Buenos Aires or San Francisco tram, you'll probably need the specific paint packs that OcCre offers. This way, you'll only have to worry about the most important thing: building and enjoying the model. This will help you give the necessary shine to your tram modeling reproductions. Also, don't forget the importance of a good base to work on. For example, the classic work stand to support your model, adjustable to all types of models in length and width. Additionally, it serves to conveniently store your model when not in use.

Don't waste any more time: trust in OcCre's tools and let yourself be captivated by the wide range of modeling accessories, designed to give your reproduction the most impressive patina possible.